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Message of thanks to the NHS spread across 95mph Class 47 express locomotives.
16 April 2020

Rail Operations (UK) Limited is spreading its thanks to NHS workers fighting the coronavirus by adorning two of its 95mph Class 47 express locomotives with a message.

The train operating company, that is dedicated to the rolling stock manufacturing, engineering and leasing sectors, has revealed its ‘Thank you NHS’ message.

Karl Watts, Chief Executive Officer, said: “Along with the whole of the UK, Rail Operations Group are incredibly appreciative of the sterling effort all those in the NHS are making towards fighting the coronavirus, especially those on the frontline.

“To mark our appreciation, we have adorned two of our 95mph Class 47 express locomotives with a very simple but sincere message: ‘Thank you NHS’. These locomotives will deliver this message across the whole of the UK for all to share.”

CAF Class 397 Testing
25 March 2019

ROG are pleased to be supporting CAF with yet another project, this time testing CAF’s class 397 high speed trains destined for Trans Pennine Express. The dynamic testing involves 125mph operation on the West Coast Main Line as part of the testing and commissioning programme.

The photograph shows two of the class 397 test engineers on the left and Colin Hatton, Operations Manager (middle), Mark Keighley, Head of International Services and Surinder Kumar, Operations Manager from ROG.

The Return of Rail-Borne Logistics
21 February 2019

Rail Operations (UK) Limited has started the campaign to drive a modal shift from road to rail for logistics type goods. Brought about by the demise of heavy industry and an upsurge in ecommerce, the transportation of light goods on UK roads has increased dramatically over recent years. Light goods are typically conveyed in pallets or roll-cages. Such commodities lend themselves to being transported by a passenger type rail vehicle (similar to the Royal Mail class 325 fleet) as opposed to freight trains.

In recognition of this change, Rail Operations (UK) Limited have ordered the first two class 769 4-car bi-mode units (BMU) to pioneer this modal shift. Provided by Porterbrook, the intention of the first two trains was simply to showcase the potential of using a very versatile, 100mph, express logistics train. However, such is the interest in the new proposal, it is very likely that further class 769 BMUs will be ordered.

The longer-term aspiration is to have a UK-wide network of logistics operations serving both logistics centres as well as major stations. Rail Operations (UK) Limited are creating a new train operating company named Orion to undertake the logistics services. The first services are expected to start in 2020.

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ROG Start Bombardier Class 710 Test Programme
5 October 2018

The first Bombardier class 710 EMUs to operate on the mainline underwent testing between Gospel Oak and Barking and also on the West Coast Main Line this week. ROG are the test operator for this new, Transport for London, fleet of 45 trains. ROG also have responsibility for delivering the new trains from the manufacturer’s plant in Derby to the fleets’ new home at Willesden Traction Maintenance Depot. The picture shows 710 265 standing in Barking station in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

ROG Appointed as Stadler Class 745/755 Test Operator
5 October 2018

Abellio East Anglia have appointed ROG as the test operator for their new, Stadler built, class 745 EMU and 755 BMU train fleets. Testing commences in November 2018. ROG are supplying a range of services in support of the test programme. The picture shows a newly built class 745, 4-car BMU.

ROG Appointed as Class 769 'Flex' Test Operator
5 October 2018

ROG have been appointed as test operator for the new class 769 ‘Flex’ hybrid multiple units. Testing commences in early November on the West Coast Main Line. ROG will also be delivering the new units to various locations around the UK. The picture shows a class 769 Flex unit stabled at Loughborough.

More Locomotives for ROG
5 October 2018

ROG have taken delivery of two class 57 locomotives on long-term lease from DRS. The locomotives are fitted with brake translation equipment and Dellner 12 couplers similar to that fitted to ROG’s class 37 locomotives. The class 57s will support ROGs growing need for Dellner 12 fitted locomotives. The picture shows the locomotives arriving at Leicester locomotive depot after collection from DRS’s Gresty Bridge depot. The locomotives join ROGs existing class 37 and class 47 locomotives as the mainstay of ROG’s locomotive fleet provision and will remain so until the arrival of ROG’s new locomotive fleet.

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