Looking to Become a Train Driver?

We are the only independent company in the UK to offer anyone with aspirations of becoming a train driver, a Train Driver Prequalification service. This places candidates well ahead of other applicants when applying for a train driver’s position.


Successful completion of the Train Driver Prequalification service makes you eligible for train driver training. You can then either wait for a train driver's position to arise with a train or freight operating company or undertake your driver training with us.

The process for becoming a train driver

There are a number of components within the process which you'll have to complete in order to become a train driver and these are:

  • train driver registration & prequalification process (you must complete this before you can be appointed to a trainee train driver's position)
  • appointment to a trainee train driver's position (with a train operating company)
  • train driver training (provided and funded by the train operating company)
  • train driver competence examination
  • appointment to a train driver's position.

You don't have to embark on the prequalification process with the Rail Operations Group of course. You can wait until a trainee train driver's position appears with a train operating company and then battle it out with the competition. This is not only a high risk strategy, its also very time consuming and, in the long-term, costly.  

Am I guaranteed a job at the end of it?

It's impossible to guarantee a job at the end of it but your chances of securing a driver's position when you finally qualify will have increased dramatically. Even if you do not immediately secure a job with an operating company, we'll seriously consider taking you on-board and, most important of all, we'll help you maintain your competence.


New Recruitment Policy

ROG have today launched their ‘Best in the Industry’ recruitment policy. 


On 06 March, the Rail Operations Group were approved as members of the Rail Safety & Standards Board (RSSB).

Train Driver Hire

The Rail Operations Group became the first independent company in the UK to provide traincrew to a train operating company.

Rail Operations Group Launch 'EuroDriver'

The Rail Operations Group launch 'EuroDriver', a driver training programme which delivers all the requirements of the new European Train Driver Licences and Certificates Regulations (TDLCR).

Retired drivers campaign

The Rail Operations Group has launched a campaign to bring retired drivers back to the driving cab.


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Recruitment of drivers

The Rail Operations Group is looking to recruit fully qualified main-line drivers. Please go to our Qualified Drivers page.


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Passenger and Freight Train Operation

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